For Your Comfort

Painless freezing – when Doctor Hoe was a child in Thompson, his Father, Bill (who was, of course, a dentist), did all of his dental work for him. “When I was a kid, I had no idea that my Dad was giving me a needle – I thought that he made my lip go numb just by wiggling my lip”. Needless to say, I made sure that Dad showed me how to give painless injections after I got into Dental School”. Today, Doctor Hoe is known amongst his patients for his “painless injections”.

Video Games – your children can entertain themselves during your appointment in our play area equipped with video games.

Televisions – all of our operatories are equipped with cable television. Relax with your favorite program during your appointment.

Topical Anaesthetic – we will numb your mouth with a powerful topical anaesthetic before you receive any injections. Many times, patients won’t even feel the freezing after the topical anaesthetic is applied.

Intra-osseous anaesthetic – complaints of the “freezing won’t take” are a thing of the past with the recent invention of intra-osseous anaesthetic. Ask us if you are a good candidate for this new freezing technique.

Sedation Dentistry – if you are apprehensive, then oral sedation may be just the thing for you. You take 2 little blue pills 90 minutes before your appointment – the medication greatly lowers your anxiety level, relaxes you, and “shrinks” the time spent in the chair ( an hour appointment seems like 10 minutes). Ask us if we think you are a good candidate for conscious sedation.

The “Heavenly Dental Chair” – tempur-pedic dental chairs & headrests rmake our chairs ultra comfortable – no, you can’t take one home with you. Snuggle under a warm blanket, and you’ll be ready for a nice nap while we look after your dental needs.