Office Tour

Patient Reception Area – We have a patient refreshment area stocked with coffee and tea for your comfort while you wait. If you have children, they can amuse themselves in our children’s play area.

Private Consultation Room – discuss your treatment or financial options in our private consultation room. Patients can view digital pictures of their mouth and learn about their treatment options with our multimedia patient education system. Financial issues can be discussed with our treatment coordinator in complete privacy out of the earshot of others.

Treatment Rooms – watch cable television or listen to music under a warm blanket while we look after your dental needs. Our treatment rooms are fully computerized so that we can digitize pictures of your teeth, book your next appointment, and print insurance forms or photos before you leave and go to the check out / account desk.

Check-out / Account Desk – Have you ever finished a long dental appointment and then stood in front of a desk for 10 dizzying minutes while a receptionist posted your treatment, entered your insurance information into a computer? Those days are over at Bite Dentalworks. We now offer chairs at our at our check-out/account desk. Insurance forms are ready for you when you arrive at the desk, and your next appointment will be booked. Sign your insurance form, swipe your credit/debit card, and you are ready to leave (although many patients linger for a while in our comfy patient reception area).

Children’s play area – your children can enjoy themselves in our play area during your appointment or before/after their own appointments. We have games, puzzles, and toys, (no adults allowed – Dentists included!) for their entertainment, or they can watch a cartoon or kids movie.

Sterilization Area – We use the most up to date sterilization methods available to protect you and your family from cross – contamination. Instrument trays and instruments are put through a commercial, high temperature dishwasher and then sterilized in a steam autoclave. Everything else is disposable and removed safely by Calgary Mediwaste. Our autoclaves are regularly monitored by the University of Alberta to ensure their efficacy.

Panoramic X-Ray Machine – A panoramic x-ray is an excellent screening x-ray because it shows your entire upper and lower jaw as well as all of your teeth. This high-tech x-ray machine uses extremely small amounts of radiation to get view of the entire mouth area. The Panoramic x-ray is also excellent for views of wisdom teeth without putting an x-ray film in the back of the mouth.