Safety & Health

To reduce the risk of cross contamination, all clinical materials are sterilized or are disposable. All surfaces in the treatment rooms are disinfected between patients, and our clinical staff wear gloves and masks at all times. All instruments and instrument trays are taken to our sterilization area where they are washed in a commercial dishwasher and then sterilized in a steam autoclave. Our autoclaves (instrument sterilizers) are monitored monthly by the University of Alberta to ensure that they are working properly. All medical waste (including used needles and waste containing blood) is professionally disposed of by Mediwaste. Our office has state of the art amalgam traps to catch amalgam (mercury) before it enters the sewer system.

Our practice is amalgam-free. Dental amalgam is used for “silver fillings” and has been used in dentistry for over 100 years. Dental amalgam contains 50% mercury. We do not use amalgam for any of our restorations. If you have a latex allergy, please inform us and we will use latex-free gloves and rubber dam for your appointments.