CEREC Technology

“The future is here. When I was a dental student if you had told me that I could restore my patients’ teeth by scanning the tooth into a computer and bonding the restoration into place 30 minutes later, I would have thought you were crazy. Using an impression of the patient’s teeth, commercial dental laboratories use CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture) technology to fabricate many of their crowns.  When  I use CEREC, we scan your teeth directly and design/manufacture the crown immediately. If you would like your teeth restored without impressions and uncomfortable temporary restorations in ONE appointment, then CEREC is for you!”
Dr. Andrew Hoe

Follow this link to read an article written by Dr. Andy Hoe for Cerec Doctors magazine.

CEREC Benefits for Our Patients

  • No impression
  • No temporary crown
  • One appointment
  • Comfortable – the tooth is sealed immediately after it is prepped by placing the bonded final restoration
  • Very esthetic restorations – high translucency and metal-free
  • Conservative – only damaged tooth structure is removed
  • Biocompatible material
  • Tested – CEREC technology has been in use for 15 years! The new CEREC 3D is a 5th generation machine.