Dental Insurance

Insurance coverage is constantly changing, which can cause many misunderstandings and cause decisions to be made that may affect your oral health. It is best to stay informed, so there are no surprises. We’re happy to help you do that. Contact us if you have any questions.

Assignment of Dental Insurance Benefits

We will accept assignment (your insurance company pays us directly) of your dental insurance under the following conditions:

  1. The patient must have a complete new patient examination.
  2. The patient (or person responsible for the account) must pay their deductibles and estimated co-insurance at the end of every appointment.
  3. The patient accepts responsibility for their account. We have no relationship with your insurance company, and you are responsible for any balances on your account after the insurance company has paid us.
  4. The patient must fill out an insurance information sheet and fax it to us 48 hours before their first appointment. Just call our office, and we will fax you a blank New Insurance Information Form to fill out.
  5. Please fax your insurance information sheet to 403.201.2597 or email to